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Kitchen Renovations: Creative Storage and Display Space

Like most of our clients, you probably have a variety of interests; and with careful design, the kitchen can become a showcase for cookbooks, collections (from iron trivets to fragile pottery), new or old or simply unusual kitchen gadgets and a variety of other items that bring your personality into your kitchen.

Our kitchen renovation team is expert and finding space even in small kitchens, including:

  1. Unused spaces under a custom kitchen island or breakfast bar (shown in the photo)

  2. Pantries fitted between the refrigerator and the wall

  3. Under-the-ceiling storage units that replace soffits

  4. Racks that fit on the wall or hang from the ceiling

  5. Bench or window seating that allows for storage underneath.

Ease of access is a cornerstone of modern kitchen design and renovation. WORKS has found or handcrafted islands, drawers, dividers and shelves specifically constructed for any purpose, from holding spices or oversized kitchenware to displaying treasured antiques.

At WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis, we enjoy helping homeowners discover the full potential in their kitchen renovations, with beautiful design and expert craftsmanship. Contact us today.

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