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Kitchen From Hell

How do you know you have the kitchen from hell? It has:

  1. Four walls and six doors—one to the back yard, one to the basement, one to the pantry, one to the powder room, one to the living room, and one to another room no one quite knows what to do with—leaving wall space for one cabinet.

  2. Wall paper with pink and orange roses, green stripes, and purple bows–or take your choice of wall papers from the two fighting it out in the photo on the right.

  3. Cabinet doors made of mismatched plywood.

  4. Three layers of linoleum on the floor, topped by the kind that leaves scuff marks every time a shoe touches it.

  5. A pass through to the living room exactly big enough for a bag of potato chips and nothing else.

  6. Drawers you can only open one at a time because they smack into each other.

  7. A do-it-yourself project that has remained not-done for about 8 years.

  8. A stove right in the path of traffic, so that anyone who crowds the door catches a hot burner.

  9. A refrigerator in an entirely different room.

We’ve seen it all and we know your dream kitchen is something very different. Whether you want kitchen repainting or kitchen rebuilding, WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis is ready to help, in small stages or in one big project. Contact us today.

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