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Is the Ceiling Overhead Getting under Your Skin?

Ceilings cause homeowners aggravation in a variety of ways. Popcorn ceilings are dated. horsehair plaster ceilings (as treasured as they may be for the history they embody) are difficult to repair. Ceiling cracks and stains may lead to even bigger problems until the causes are found and the ceiling is repaired or replaced.

Staining is usually caused by moisture, but luckily, we are pros at finding the root cause. Stress, temperature changes, and improper installation are all causes of cracking.  Cracking can come from an improperly constructed foundation or one that is too shallow. It may be difficult to fix, but we do our best to repair or replace the ceiling and minimize future damage.

While popcorn ceilings were popular 50 years ago, they may contain asbestos. Horsehair plaster ceilings from 100 years ago may contain lead. Even dust without asbestos or lead can be a hazard. That’s why a big part of our job when repairing or replacing ceilings is to keep the site clean both during and after the work.

The WORKS by JD team never shies away from dirty, dusty, uncomfortable jobs so we have plenty of experience patching, repairing, demolishing and rebuilding ceilings.

Whatever your objection to your ceiling, contact us today to get started on making it beautiful and well-built!

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