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Interior Painting: WORKS Starts Right With Perfect Preparations

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Some great autumn days still remain for painting the exterior of your home, but now is a good to consider painting the interior.

As part of our service as professional painters, the WORKS team makes sure that your rooms are prepared for interior painting.  One member of the crew described that initial step this way: “We moved furniture, set up drop cloths, covered furniture with plastic, removed wall plates, covered smoke detectors and basically just set up the jobsite.”

But way before that stage, the one that’s apparent to homeowners, we begin our preparations by checking out the room(s) we will paint for any problems, such as cracks or signs of moisture damage on the walls. We order and put together the primer, paint, stain, repair materials and anything else we will need for that specific interior painting project. When you see the WORKS truck outside a home, it isn’t for show: we carry a lot of equipment to each jobsite.

Once each room is prepared and our equipment and materials are available, we prepare the walls and trim for painting. Our scope of work usually includes closets and doors and sometimes ceilings—whatever our customers need to make their home stylish, comfortable and functional. We prime and paint the interior with multiple coats as needed to thoroughly cover old paint and give a rich, smooth finish.

Here are some photos of the interior painting in progress at a Gloucester, Massachusetts, home built in 1980. Because the room included a brick accent that the homeowner wanted to cover, we primed the brick. You can see how thoroughly we covered the floor. We patched and prepared the wall. The bookshelves used to be stained woodwork but were primed for painting to make them look more like built-ins as the homeowner requested. Once the walls were primed, we repainted the entire room.

In the case of the Gloucester home, we also installed new doors, caulked door frames, painted the doors and painted the inside of closets.

The WORKS team is efficient. Our professional painters have worked together for years; we share a similar work ethic and commitment to quality; and we know how to achieve the results that North Shore homeowners want. Please contact us to schedule interior painting for your North Shore home.

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