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Interior Painting on the North Shore of Boston

Updated: Aug 22

Our crew painted the kitchen, dining room, powder room, hallways, stairs and bedrooms. First we evaluated the job to see where we would need to make repairs before beginning interior painting. We found places we needed to patch with a lightweight joint compound and other places that needed new drywall. Second, we made the repairs and then sanded and primed all the walls and the ceilings.

We painted the interior with the homeowner’s preferred colors, including red for the dining room walls. We also addressed a problem: bubbling on one of the walls.

As I’ve said many times in this blog, WORKS does more than paint: we fix problems. We will never disappear and leave you with an interior painting job that irritates you every time you look at it. WORKS is made up of construction experts who live on the North Shore of Boston as well as work here. Our clients are friends, neighbors, new residents, and life-long residents of the North Shore—just like us. If we find a problem while painting, someone on our team or an electrical or plumbing professional we work with regularly will fix it. That’s what good neighbors do.

Is your home ready for interior painting? Contact us today.

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