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Interior Painting by WORKS: Always Alert to the Details

Updated: Aug 22

Once the flooring was installed, we prepared for the interior painting with the following steps (note the attention to details like the worn weather stripping):

For a 1960’s five-bedroom Colonial in Manchester-by-the-Sea, WORKS was hired to install new flooring in the sunroom, kitchen and master bedroom and to paint the interior throughout.

  1. Protected furniture and other belongings and/or cleared them from the rooms.

  2. Checked for water damage and mold. (You don’t solve issues by painting over them!)

  3. Patched damaged areas of the walls, making everything smooth.

  4. Fixed damaged doors, including planing, sanding and replacing the weather seal when needed.

  5. Checked for and filled holes in the door thresholds and kicks.

  6. Sanded and primed the walls in every room to be painted.

  7. Painted the baseboards that had been removed for the flooring project.

When the preparation was finished, we painted and then second-coated the walls, trim and doors. We checked the entire job for touchups—there’s that attention to detail again. We installed baseboards, cleaned the work site and replaced the furniture and belongings—WORKS is a team, so no part of the project is left undone because “painters don’t do that.”

During the entire project (both flooring replacement and interior painting), the team recorded its progress on Basecamp®, the project management software we use to keep each other and the homeowner informed. Here’s a few Basecamp entries during the project which focus on our attention to detail:

  1. “Opened up beadboard ceiling; no mold or water damage to insulation, just visible paint peeling. Fixed railings top and bottom…to stiffen them up.”

  2. “We finished painting the master bedroom and first coat on hallway walls. Did extensive cleaning. Moved furniture back in family room and master bedroom…Installed blinds in master bedroom.”

  3. “Still remaining:…install rug on stairs, remove cardboard floor coverings.”

When you hire WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis for your interior painting, you know that the preparation will be detailed and the details will be taken care of to perfection!

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