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How to Survive a Home Renovation Project With Young Children

When it’s time to renovate some aspect of the house, but young children are living there, it’s important to take the right precautions to keep everyone safe. Here are tips for getting the job done right while staying both safe and sane.

Set Up Kid-Friendly Spaces

Young kids running out of a newly renovated home in Beverly, MA

Cordon off the work areas to keep little ones away, and at the same time, create spaces in the rest of the house that draw kids in. By keeping kids occupied with age-appropriate activities far away from the home renovation zone, they’ll be less likely to want to wander into the work areas. Even in these kid-friendly zones, make sure little ones are well supervised.

Get Help From Loved Ones or Sitters

Have grandparents or other loved ones take the kids on outings during the weekends to give you uninterrupted stretches of time to work with contractors on the renovation or home addition. If that’s not possible, consider hiring a reliable sitter to watch the kids at home and far away from the work zone.

Include the Kids in Age-Appropriate Tasks

If the children are old enough, get them excited about the home renovation project by getting them involved. Minor projects, like adding hardware to kitchen cabinets or picking out their favorite paint colors, can keep them engaged in the process. Sometimes kids just want to feel included. Once they’ve done a little work, they’ll probably be ready to go back to playing, snacking, and napping.

Simplify Everyday Life

While the renovations are taking place, keep other aspects of daily life simple. At mealtimes, prepare kid-favorite foods that are quick to assemble. Especially in the case of a kitchen renovation, be sure to set up a makeshift eating area to allow the whole family to come together and maintain normal routines. Minimize outside commitments, and don’t feel guilty about declining when people outside the home make extra demands on your time.

By keeping realistic schedules and remembering that parenting comes first, a home renovation project can go smoothly, even with little ones in the picture. Hiring renovation professionals can get the job done quickly while freeing you to be there for your kids. Call WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis at 978-360-2710 to see how our team can help your family update your home.

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