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How to Select the Best Door for Your Home

Charles Dickens once said, “A very little key will open a very heavy door.” He lived in an age of very heavy doors, made of solid planks of hardwood. Those doors were beautiful but would not meet modern standards for fire and sound ratings, energy performance and maintenance.

Modern wood or wood veneer doors are equally beautiful, and most are now specially treated to improve durability and resistance to decay and termites.

Fiberglass doors, often used for exterior doors, have improved in appearance until they are difficult to distinguish from wood, while offering better insulation and requiring less maintenance. Their main downside is that small nicks and scratches may be harder to repair than with wood.

Steel doors offer even more durability and security than fiberglass or wood. However, after years of outdoor use, the surface of even a steel door can peel. Steel doors also look like steel doors, though improvements in embossing treatments are giving them a more desirable wood-like appearance.

Another innovation in doors is environmental friendliness, including doors made of juniper (an invasive plant that is usually discarded after removal), doors made from recycled products or doors made by non-toxic processes. Maybe you’d like a door with a chalkboard panel (think of a kid’s room) or one with blinds inside the glass.

At WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis, we not only have the expertise to diagnose, maintain and replace your doors, we have the craftsmanship to design and execute custom doors to fit a nonstandard opening, match the appearance of your period home or give a special lift to a new addition or renovation. Our team is the key to a door you’ll be proud of.

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