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How to Keep Up Your New Year’s Home Resolutions

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

As it’s now 2019, many homeowners have made New Year’s Resolutions for this year that surround the home. These are important types of resolutions, as the home requires work throughout the year to ensure safety and longevity. Everyone has all different types of home resolutions, or goals to complete come the new year. But within the first few months of every year, it’s noticeably tough for everyone to stay on top of their goals, and follow through with their plans. No matter what your resolution was for the home this year, read this blog to learn how you can really stick to your goals all year long.

Resolutions for Renovating

First, consider the resolutions that are repeatable and always helpful. Keeping the home generally cleaner is always a common household resolution, but this can be vague. Instead of just stating so, create a cleaning schedule or calendar. Make cleaning a project, a priority, and a fun event. Organize a certain day of the week for small cleaning tasks, and a certain day of the month for the larger cleaning tasks. Do this with family, friends, and housemates to keep it fun.

Resolutions that help you prioritize instead of procrastinating are always good resolutions, but they don’t help unless you actually do so! Have your construction company walk through the home with you, and evaluate the priority level of the projects you have in mind. Has the ceiling always been cracked and you think it may start leaking? Have the wood floors been splitting, and you need a professional estimate? We’ll help you decide what’s the most important, and help you plan a timeline of these projects, what you’ll tackle first, second, and so forth.

Property maintenance resolutions are arguably the most important resolutions to the home.  When you make a resolution to keep up with, or better your property maintenance routines, you’re investing in the lifetime of your home. Keeping up with exterior chores, proper snow removal, gutter cleaning, and regular repairs are all so important to the home. We can help you keep your property on point not only now, but all throughout the year, to get you on a good schedule and routine of proper care.

property maintenance

The in-house services provided by WORKS throughout the North Shore of Boston include additions, complete remodeling, property maintenance, correction of rot problems, concrete work, framing, decks, small roofing projects, skylight installation, window and door installation, all flooring types, custom carpentry, bathrooms, kitchens, interior and exterior painting, and minor electrical and plumbing work. We also provide thermal imaging, which reads the temperature inside of walls to determine if there are insulation, water, electrical or plumbing problems. Reach out to us at (978) 291-7735 today.

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