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How to Effectively Declutter your Home

How to effectively declutter your home before you start a renovation project.    If you’re like most people, you probably take some time at the beginning of spring to clean up around your house and property. While there isn’t one “right” way to do this, there certainly can be plenty of wrong ways.  Use these tip to clean house before your next major project.

Whether your goal is to achieve maximum cleanliness, declutter your rooms, or possibly prep for a renovation project, there are certain things you want to be sure to do in your cleaning process. Here are tips on how to actually declutter your home.

Grass in Sunshine

Whether you’re cleaning your garage or your bedroom, it’s crucial that you don’t mix up your trash with your valuables. It may sound easy to keep the two different categories separated, but during the chaos of decluttering, things can get messy. And when things get messy, confusion soon follows.

Create seperate, distinct piles in the corners of the room to minimize the risk of throwing out any valuable items. Be sure to keep the piles a good distance apart from each other, because as each pile grows, overlap can become a confusing and time consuming issue.

Don’t Forget your Windows and Doors

A crucial aspect to making your home look and feel decluttered is cleanliness. Effectively cleaning your space takes a lot of time, attention to detail, and a little elbow grease. While your floors are probably the first thing you think about when it comes to cleaning your home, it’s crucial that you don’t forget your windows and doors.

Windows and doors are possibly the most important aspect to make your home look cleaner. Stained or smudged windows and doors can have a bigger psychological effect on you than you realize.

White Windows

Work Through Your Home Room by Room

Start from the top and work your way to the bottom, or vice versa. Just be sure you have a systematic plan in place as you work through the process of decluttering your home. Keeping the process organized will not only improve your efficiency, it will also help keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Things can naturally get a little convoluted throughout the process of cleaning your entire home. Limit the confusion and chaos by working through your house step by step, and room by room.

Spring cleaning can be the best time of the year for some, and a dreaded time of the year for others. If your aim is to truly declutter your home in time for spring, then following the tips in this blog is a great place to start.

When you start a renovation project with WORKS by JD you will go through our Project Planning Service.  This first step of our 3 step process is the perfect time effectively declutter your home and get it for work to begin once the plan is complete.

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