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How to Choose New Floors for the Home

After years of traffic, sometimes the flooring in the home needs to be replaced. When your recognize the need to replace your floors, you have many options to explore. Many homeowners have different choices and different needs. For example, if you have children or pets, this will definitely influence your decision. Read through this blog to learn what goes into choosing new floors for your home.

Dark Wood Floor being mopped

Choosing Wood Floors If you love wood floors, and you want to install hardwood flooring in your home, think about your lifestyle. Do you have company over often? Do you have pets? Do you have a lot of furniture? If you answered yes to any of these, that doesn’t mean you can’t install wood floors, it just means you need to take precautions so your wood floors last. This means placing soft, felt materials at the bottom of furniture legs. It also means potentially laying down throw rugs in high-traffic areas, like large areas by the doors and runners for the hallways. There are some great wood floor cleaning solutions on the market. Be sure your cleaning solution won’t damage the wood in your floors, and be sure that you clean often. Beyond safety, you will have the option to choose between all different shades and types of wood for your wood floors. Choose something that will blend nicely with the already existing features of your home.

Light Wood Floors in the Home

Carpet for the Home Many people enjoy wall-to-wall carpeting in their homes. This is especially common in bedrooms and family rooms. When choosing a carpet, think about color and style. Some carpets are longer, and more on the shag side, and some are shorter cut like Berber rugs. The shorter cut carpets that are condensed make for easy shampooing and vacuuming. Think about your family, your lifestyle, and your intentions for your carpet. You don’t need wall-to-wall carpeting in the entire house, you can mix it up how you want. if you don’t want wall-to-wall carpeting in some areas of the home, again consider throw rugs as an option.

Close Up Image of Intricate Tile Design of black, white and grey hexagon tiles

Why Choose Tile Floors Tile floors come in many different materials. Ceramic, porcelain, marble, and pebbles and stones are common types of tile floors chosen by homeowners. Tile makes for easy clean up. Many people enjoy tile floors in their kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms to make things easy. If you have a mudroom or walkthrough room, consider tile floors by the door or entrance ways. This allows for mud, snow, and water to easily dry.

Grey and black striped kitten laying on grey granite tile floor

With each type of flooring, there are things you should think about. Deciding on the right flooring for your lifestyle can be easy when you think about every aspect of your home. Think about the family and how you spend your time when you’re in the house. With the right planning and care, you can really make your floors last.

If you have questions about your new flooring options, reach out to WORKS by JD at (978) 291-7605. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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