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How To Choose a Trusted Construction Company

Congrats! You have a new project at hand, be it a remodel, a renovation, a new build or a new home addition. Now starts the process of finding the best contractor or construction company in your area that fits your needs.

There are many factors that go into deciding on a trusted construction company. You’ll want to evaluate the size and timeline necessary for your project. 

When you’re asking around for rates and estimates, you may not know exactly how to decide.

“Should I go with my referral, and bank on the word of mouth?”

“Should I go with the construction company with the best reviews?” 

Our Advice:

Take your time with this. To avoid the disappointment of a project that doesn’t meet your expectations, goes over budget or misses your timeline, you’ll want to plan, plan, plan. You are entrusting this company with your home.  Take a look at what we put together for homeowners on the hunt for their ideal construction company match:

Characteristics, Skillsets, and Expertise Means Competitive Advantage

Each company you talk to will have certain characteristics of their work that will set them apart. You may find a company that has unique skillsets and expertise necessary to complete your required work. You’ll come to a decision that best suits your home, budget and lifestyle. 

We listed the top 4 most important things to consider in your position:

Top 4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Construction Company:

  1. Work Experience- past jobs, work in the area, friends/client referrals

  2. Project Planning- timeliness, hours available to work, expected project timeline

  3. Materials Used- materials you want, priced within your budget, sourced responsibly

  4. Big Builder, Family Business or somewhere in between?- which is important for you to support?

Steps to Take After the Initial Meeting/Estimates:

When you talk with your potential construction agents you’re interested in hiring, you’ll have some thoughts to mull over.   Are you a ready to make quick on the fly decisions or  do you have a tough time deciding, comparing, and contrasting your options.  

Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Near Beverly, MA

Step 1: Ask Yourself Questions

Which construction company seems to best understand your vision in full? Which do you feel was the most credible, honest, and compassionate in the work they do? Do the estimations fit your budget? Does one estimation seem like an outlier compared to the rest? You’ll be able to narrow your decision down by some obvious criteria. 

Step 2: Review Portfolios Once More

If you think you’ve come to a decision, look at portfolios once more, and ask yourself if you would be truly happy with this type of work. Seeing other work in visual will allow you to imagine the detail and aesthetic with staging and finish in completion. If the company’s portfolio even includes materials you’re interested in, show these photos in your initial evaluation/estimation meeting. 

Step 3: Making the Final Decision

At the end of the day, you’ll know when you find the right company. If the estimation matches your budget and you feel as though the company can clearly bring your vision to life, go with your gut. If you have some ideas about colors, materials, finish and fixtures, be sure to start collecting these thoughts from the jump so you can easily make these decisions when the time comes. We know making these decisions takes time, but it’s always easier to work with your construction company when have these choices mapped out from the get-go. 

Close Up of Kitchen Island with Bright Colors

You’ll know you’re speaking with the right construction company when they can provide you with an honest estimate, clear and concise project requirements, as well as detailed project evaluation and creativity. 

When investing in something like your home, you’ll want to be feel comfortable answering all of these questions we asked throughout this blog. Your home is your most prized possession, and you want to be satisfied with your results. This requires the right planning process, and the right team. Finding the best construction company for your project can be done with enough research, referrals, and portfolio comparison. 

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