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How To Assess Your Windows & Doors For The Spring

Homeowners often think about winterizing elements of the home, but we don’t commonly think of de-winterizing or preparing for spring. This is equally as important! Windows and doors are a huge part of cost-savings in the home when the seasons are at their peaks.

There are a few things you can do to assess your windows and doors, look for signs, and replace properly if necessary. Read on to see how you can ensure your windows and doors are on point before the spring.

Recognizing a Faulty Window or Door Seal

Exterior Windows on home

Faulty seals on the doors and windows of your home can be hard to recognize unless you’re looking closely, or unless you feel a draft.

This is why a close assessment can be cost-effective. Tending to damaged windows or doors as soon as you recognize the damage can save you a headache in the future. 

Rain Water Deteriorates Seals Over Time

When it rains, water seeps into the seals and, over time, deteriorates them. After some time, you must replace these seals. If you’re wondering if your window and door seals have failed you, there are some easy ways to tell.

Signs Of Faltered Seals

If your seals look old, cracked, and dirty, you may want to replace them. If you feel a draft when the door or window is closed and locked, you definitely need to reseal.

Clean the glass on the door or window where you think the seal has failed, and look for distortion, condensation, and discoloring.

Sealing & Insulating Windows And Doors Properly

WORKS Window Installation Services

Windows and doors all have seals that protect the inside of your home. Here in New England, tight-fitting doors and windows are an absolute must for energy conservation.

A/C Running During the Spring & Summer

When you have the air conditioner running, you don’t want your precious, cool air to escape outside, and you don’t want to feel warm drafts that will float in and cause condensation.

This is why the beginning of spring is the perfect time of year to assess your windows and doors, before you pull out your A/C unit or get your central air going. 

Windows & Doors Let Allergens Into The Home

Cracks in the seals of your windows and doors can allow dust particles, pollen, and airborne allergens into the home very easily. As we’re often opening and closing windows and doors, natural traffic will let in some dust, pollen, and allergies. But when you have everything closed and locked and you want to enjoy your clean air, you’ll have to ensure everything is sealed properly to keep the home as clean as possible. 

Using the Right Materials Makes A Difference

New Windows in the Home

If you need to replace your windows or doors, you’ll want to use the best quality materials. These elements of the home are important, and when you use strong materials with promising sealants, you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to your windows and doors in the future.

Materials & Manufacturers

WORKS contracts and has relationships with only the best manufacturers. We make sure that the windows and doors you purchase come with excellent guarantees. We then flash, insulate, and trim them with products that will last as long as the window or door. You can look forward to your windows and doors achieving functionality with style and grace when you hire WORKS for your installations. 

Opening Windows & Doors For Fresh Air

Works Door Installation

When it’s really nice outside, you’ll want to open the doors and windows with no problems. Screen doors, as opposed to storm doors, are ideal for the spring, and you can easily open up the home to natural air flow when the windows and doors are functioning properly.

Be sure to close your doors when you’re done getting fresh air, and lock them for security when you’re not using them. If you don’t like the screen doors, consider a sliding glass door for access to the deck or back patio.

Windows and doors are not something homeowners commonly think of when they think of cost savings and property maintenance. When you put time into thinking about ways to save money in the home, windows, and doors can be first on your checklist. Let’s get your windows and doors are functional, safe, and secure all before the spring starts. Reach out to WORKS at (978) 360-2710, and check out our window and door portfolio here.

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