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How Much Square Footage Is Right For Me?

The space in your home can really determine the atmosphere and the ambiance of your rooms. When you’re considering remodeling or renovating, you’re posed with the questions: How much space do we need? What square footage will be enough for our family? Many homeowners who are doing a whole-house build spend much time contemplating space, square footage of each room, and considering spatial matters. If you’re struggling to map out space for your new home or new projects, read through this blog.

If you’re building a new home…

Begin with your layout and blueprints. Decide how much space you’ll need in each room of the home. Do you want a larger kitchen and living area? Do you want smaller bedrooms and a larger master bedroom? You can write a list of your wants and needs, and this will help you determine the size and square footage you’ll need to be comfortable. Of course, larger homes allow for more rooms, more space in each room, and give you the option for additional rooms like home offices or home gyms.

table with lamp, chair, and rug

If you’re renovating/remodeling…

Consider the other rooms of your home. How is this space working for you? What’s your purpose for the remodeling? When renovating or remodeling, most families have specific wants and needs, and this helps them determine how much space they need. If your existing space is too small, increase your square footage for a larger room in the home. If your rooms are large already, consider putting up walls and creating some smaller spaces for individual rooms.

Remember that, whatever space you choose, you will need to heat, cool, and maintain the rooms/areas throughout the seasons. Think to the future. Be sure that later down the line, you’ll be able to afford and keep up with whatever square footage you choose. This will ensure that your space will be forgiving, and allow you to work with it in the future. No matter if you’re doing a whole-house build, or if you’re renovating or remodeling, your family and your lifestyle will be the biggest deciding factor in your square footage. Size and functionality go hand-in-hand, so assess your current home, and consider all aspects of your style of living.

If you’re still struggling to make your plans, and don’t know what to consider, reach out to WORKS and we can sit down together. Let’s weigh out your pros and cons, and decide on the best way to go about your project for you. Reach out to us at 978-291-7735 today.

At WORKS, we believe many factors contribute to a strong client relationship and successful project. It is our mission to not only provide you with an end result that exceeds your expectations but to make sure you are satisfied with our team during the entire process.

Our team of construction remodeling contractors are friendly, firm, reasonable and reliable, and believe in always putting relationships first with our clients and industry partners. Whether you are looking to hire a local kitchen remodeling contractor or are in need of a beautifully, redesigned bathroom remodel, trust the experts at WORKS!

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