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How Are You Taking Action With Property Maintenance For Spring 2019?

Spring Is Finally Here!

This is a common time of year for homeowners to designate a day, a week, or even a month to put toward readying the home. As the seasons change, so do your needs, and you’ll have many different priorities around the home.

People often think of spring cleaning during the month of March, but cleaning isn’t the only way you can prepare the home for the changing seasons. Property maintenance, small repairs, and getting a jump on your projects is just as important.

Besides your responsibilities, you’ll want to enjoy the season, and be comfortable in the home while doing so. How are homeowners taking action with responsibilities as well as fun projects and accessorizing this spring? What are some home priorities you should be thinking about as the seasons change? Let’s see how homeowners are taking action, and tackling spring this month. 

Small Repairs: Let’s Settle This Before It Gets Worse 

Resolutions for Renovating

Getting the home back to where you want it, and handling the issues that arose over the colder months is the first step welcoming the warmer ones. Repairs don’t have to be a headache when you have WORKS on your side.

“We love the saying, ‘Deal with it once.'” 

There are so many aspects of inspecting and repairing the home after the winter, but you can take each step one at a time. We love the saying “deal with it once.” When you have to repair something in the home, you only want to have to repair it once, and not go back to this project later. We like to deal with it once, and do it right.

Addressing Leaks or Damages 

When small repairs arise, often during the duration of the winter season, you can handle them immediately so they don’t turn into larger issues down the road. When small issues are forgotten, though they are small, this still puts your home’s architecture at great risk of the damage worsening.

After each winter, homeowners should inspect the interior and exterior of the home for leaks, cracks, loose/dangerous boards or vents, and any other noticeable issues.

Inspect All Areas of the Home

Be sure to inspect your attic, basement, and areas of the home you visit less frequently. This should be a huge priority for you after the winter. When breakages or small repairs arise, they can worsen with the change of seasons, especially in areas of the home in which you don’t spend much time.

Signs of Water Damage After the Winter

Water damage is one of the most common issues in need of repair for most of our clients after the winter season. Be sure your home is not subject to water damage before the spring starts. For clarification, water damage is not a small repair.

However, some homeowners think it is, and don’t understand the extent to which water damage can hurt your home. After the winter season, we advise you to assess your home for areas that look wet, damp, or compromised. If you find a damp spot in the ceiling of your attic, or a small leak in the corner of your basement, call WORKS right away.

Prioritizing Necessity Before Leisure 

Bright spring living room

Naturally, everyone wants to jump into landscaping and planning outdoor areas as soon as it’s nice out. This is understandable, as it’s an exciting time of the year when everything finally starts to warm up again.

But the time for planning your relaxing spaces and fun spring projects should come after you ensure the home is safe, durable, and intact.  

Restorations & Rudimentary Work First

Before you get to planning the leisure projects, be sure you have all of the restorations and rudimentary work on the home is on point. Make sure your structure and frame are upholding, and elements of the home are functioning properly.

Enjoying the Comforts of Spring

Prioritizing what needs to be done, like breakages, repairs, replacement, and restorations, before what you want to be done, like landscaping, additions, etc., is very important for homeowners.

To get the most enjoyment out of your home and your outdoor areas, this takes planning so you can comfortably assure yourself the home has functionality and stability in all aspects. Your goal is a no-stress spring season.

Developing A Spring Routine 

Flowers in bed along fence

For the first few weeks or month of spring, develop a routine to start the season with motivation and organization.

As the home comes together with warmth and brightness, you’ll know when it’s time to accessorize, plant, and enjoy what you’ve curated.

Plan Days to Work on Your Projects

Plan days to keep making progress toward your prioritized projects, and before you know it, the home will be ready for the spring. Then comes the enjoyable parts of planning.

Spring Accessorizing: Lawn & Home

Outdoors, you can accessorize the lawn and vamp up your backyard space with landscaping, decorating with spring accessories, planting flowers & shrubs, starting masonry projects, finishing the back deck, and replacing wood or walkways. Indoors, you can change your linens to spring colors, remove winter accessories, paintings and fixtures.

Change out pillows in common areas to suit the season. Every so often, bring some fresh flowers into the home for delightful aromas and a pop of color. The possibilities of home improvement for the springtime are endless!

WORKS wants to help you kickstart your season. We hope these ideas give you the inspiration to take action this spring. If you’re struggling with maintaining your property after the winter, reach out to WORKS at (978) 360-2710 and we can assist you.

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