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Home Improvement Projects for Summer

Eventually, even the most magnificent home can begin to feel stale. It’s a natural part of the process of homeownership to want to improve your house, both for aesthetic and functional purposes. While this can be a challenging thing for homeowners to do, it can also be an opportunity to get creative, and truly customize your home.  With Summer fast approaching, your mind may be full of ideas for home improvement projects that can turn your house into the place-to-be for family and friends. Here are 4 of our favorite home improvement projects that can help you refresh your home this summer.

#4. Build a Deck

A deck has tons of potential utilities for homeowners, but none better than the ability to throw an outdoor party in the summertime. Many of us spend too much time inside to begin with, so as the weather heats up, a deck can get us off our couches and into the world. Whether you plan on hosting large get togethers or are simply looking for somewhere to sit back and relax with your family, a deck has got you covered.

The ROI for these home improvement projects is another reason to consider the renovation. In fact, according to The Remodeling Calculator, building a deck “provides one of the top ROI’s of all remodel projects.” It’s easy to see why adding a deck onto your home is one of our favorite projects for the summertime.  Learn about Works by JD’s Deck Building Services 

#3. Open up Your Kitchen

The benefits of kitchen remodels aren’t exclusive to the summer, but the effects can be most fully felt during the warm-weather season. Maximize the natural light by changing the layout of your kitchen, or by adding windows that let the sunshine in. A bright kitchen can not only change the flow of your home, it can also positively affect the moods of the people in it.

Kitchen remodels also have a strong ROI. In fact, according to Zillow, “the average ROI for a minor kitchen remodel is between 73.4 and 83.8 percent.” If you’re looking for a project that will improve your daily life and the value of your home, a kitchen remodel may be the way to go.

#2. Build an Outdoor Living Space

One of the most unique options you’ll find on this list, outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces are exploding in popularity across the country. But before we get into all the great ways an outdoor living space can improve your life in the summertime, we first wanted to present this eye opening statistic. According to Extra Space, “homes with outdoor kitchens can potentially see an ROI ranging between 100% and 200%.” That is an ROI you won’t come across too often.

By adding an outdoor living space to your home, you’re transitioning the indoors to the outdoors and making use of what was unused outdoor space. It’s a great place to gather friends and family for intimate gatherings, but it also makes larger events much easier due to the accessibility to kitchen appliances. And, possibly most importantly, they are really cool.

#1. Create A Luxury Treehouse

If you have children, this renovation can lead to childhood-defining moments and memories. Similar to a high-quality guest house, a luxury treehouse is somewhere that members of your home can escape to when they are looking for a change of scenery. These treehouses are also places where your children can have some fun while still being close enough to home for parental supervision.

A luxury treehouse is essentially what it sounds like; a large, well-built treehouse that feels like a cross between a regular treehouse and a guest home. Being that, “glamping” is more popular than ever, there is even potential for you to rent out the space to turn a profit.

There is no right or wrong way to remodel your home. The ideas in this blog are truly the tip of the iceberg in regards to how you can refresh your home through a renovation project. But one thing is for sure; when you’re ready to get started on your next project, our team at Works by JD will be ready to turn your vision into a reality.

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