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General Contractor: WORKS VS. the “Other Guy”

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  1. We communicate. We have real people answering the phone, we get back to you quickly and we give you online access to your project, day-by-day, wherever you are, through our project management software, Basecamp. More important, when you have a problem, we don’t point fingers, we fix it. Which brings me to point #2.

  2. We take care of the unexpected. Some general contractors feel that a problem is just a detour from one project to the next, so they ignore the problem or they create a fast fix that means later on you have cracks in your wall, an uneven ceiling, peeling paint, windows that stick and so on. If the WORKS team finds a problem, we call you and we decide together how you want to handle it. If it’s a small problem—maybe we’re replacing a door and we notice that the original strike plate was inserted wrong—we’ll just fix it. Why should you spend years fighting with a door when it takes us a few minutes to make it right?

  1. We do the prep. I can’t say this often enough: the key to a superior result is superior preparation. You can’t go in and simply paint over paint. We protect furnishings, we make sure the homeowner is happy with the color by painting swatches on the wall, we look for and fix those underlying problems that might lead to cracking or peeling afterwards, we sand and we prime. And then, if everything is properly prepared, we begin to paint.

If you’ve ever experienced a home remodel, renovation or new build with the “other guy,” then right about now you are probably stunned: a general contractor who communicates, takes care of problems, helps make your dreams a reality, prepares meticulously and cleans! Well, yes, that’s WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis. This is part of what makes the WORKS team proud of what we do. We might charge more but we deliver results that inspire our customers to return to us and recommend us over and over again.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your project.


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