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Gardening At Home This Summer & Fall

Many homeowners enjoy curating the perfect garden for the summer and fall seasons. Working in the garden is a time of creative expression. You can choose what you want to grow, and watch your efforts and time put in to nurture your plants pay off as they fruit. 

In your New England home, you’ll have some questions to ask yourself each year you tend to the garden: What do you want to grow this year?

Do you want to grow the same things as last year?

Where do you want to position your garden in the yard?

Do you want to move it as opposed to last year’s spot?

Placing Your Garden Beds or Garden Boxes in the Yard

The location of your garden in the yard will depend on a number of factors.

First off, you should decide what you want to grow, and make sure you do your research.

Know how much sunlight each plant requires. If your growing something like tomatoes, the location of your garden will require space for a fence around your plantings as tomatoes like to climb as they grow.

Be sure your garden is in a controlled, safe area with healthy soil so your plants can thrive.

Home Garden WORKS by JD

What Can You Grow at Home?

Though many homeowners enjoy growing vegetables and herbs during the summer, you still have so many options as to what to plant during the fall.

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean your garden has to!

Plenty of plants and flowers will bloom throughout autumn, including chrysanthemums, crocuses, Nippon Daisies, and Heleniums.

Temperature & Climate for New England Plants

When you’ve decided on your plants, check out this plant hardiness zone map to find your region.

This map by the USDA is super helpful.

This can tell you the average extreme temperatures in your area so you can plan your garden around these conditions. 

Flowers in bed along fence

Tending to Your Yard as Well as the Garden

When your garden is finally on point and you’re happy with your location and grows, you can tend to the rest of the yard with landscaping.

Hire a professional landscaper for help. Consider new bushes, trees, and shrubs to add dimension to your property.

Fertilize and water the grass on a timed routine. 

If you’re struggling to set up your yard, ask WORKS for help. We specialize in property maintenance and can give you the best advice for working with your yard. 

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