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Gables and Dormers: Adding Beauty and Space to Old Houses

Recently, we worked on a home where the gable feature was over 100 years old! Below you’ll see before (left) and after (middle) photos of the gable feature.

We not only scraped, primed, and painted the gable, but we also addressed the source of water damage, including improving the water barrier.

If you add a window to a gable, you get a dormer (seen on right). This is the perfect way to add headroom, light and ventilation to a cramped upstairs room. The word “dormer” covers a variety of styles, from gable to flat roof and from eyebrow to Nantucket (two gable dormers connected by a shed dormer).

Designing dormers requires an eye for proportion and flow to prevent the dormers from overwhelming the roof or the house. The dormers should align with and echo the style of the windows on the floor below. The roof line of the dormer should complement the roof line of the house.

If you have a home with distinctive architecture, let the WORKS byJD team help preserve, maintain and upgrade it. We always act with the greatest respect for the beauty and importance of historical detail and for you, the homeowner.

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