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Fresh Paint Outside The Home

As the summer is here, you’re probably spending much time outdoors, in the yard, and on your property. You’re likely throwing gatherings, and hosting barbecues, clambakes, and Fourth of July festivities.

With all of this company at home, you want to ensure the yard is on point and your home’s exterior looks modern and fresh. There are many ways you can do this, but one of the easiest ways is to experiment with paint!

Color can add a pop of brightness to your home’s exterior. Depending on where paint colors are painted on the home, you can make your home’s appearance flourish with detail and design. Read on for some awesome examples of simple ways to incorporate fresh paint that takes your home’s exterior to a whole new level.

Deck at WORKS by JD Construction in Beverly, MA

Painting Trim to Match Shutters

Painting the trim of the home to match your shutters and door frame can give your home a multi-dimensional and consistent appeal. Your home will look complete and well put together.

Paint the Deck

Wooden decks can be extremely attractive with a coat of burgundy, beige, or soft brown. Decks need maintenance over time to restore the wood, powerwash dirt away, upkeep for the safety of railings and potentially loose boards. Have WORKS take care of the deck as needed, and have painting professionals give it a fresh coat of your favorite paint.

Paint the Shed

Similar to the deck, the shed is likely comprised of wood, so you will need to restore this over time. When you have people out in the yard, a freshly painted shed with doors and windows will add to the beautiful appearance of your property.

Paint the Front Door

Brown house with green shutter exterior image

A freshly painted front door is a statement! It’s the perfect touch to your home’s exterior, and drastically enhances the look of your property. Choose a bright and dramatic color for full effect, or go with something clean and simple looking.

At WORKS, we have our own in-house painters so we can ensure a thorough, quality job. When working on exterior paint jobs, we take whatever steps are appropriate to route water away from the house so that the paint is long-lasting. We also help you choose the best quality paint that will hold up as long as possible when outdoors.

If you’re looking into touching up your home’s exterior and giving it a refresh with some color, reach out to WORKS at 978-291-7735.

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