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Exterior Painting: Time to Schedule

Updated: Aug 22

Savvy homeowners know that exterior painting is not just a summer-time project; in fact, a temperature that is too high (above 85 degrees) is just as detrimental as a temperature that is too low (below 50 degrees)—paint, caulkers, fillers, and primers may not adhere properly.

So if you want to fit into our schedule during the best part of the exterior painting season, you need to contact us soon.

In fact, we keep close watch on the weather whenever we have an exterior painting project because rain and wind are also factors in allowing paint and primer to dry properly.

Here’s a typical comment from the WORKS project manager when we painted the shingles on a home in Manchester-by-the-Sea: “Weather is supposed to be okay to Wednesday; get as much of the outside done as you can. When the weather turns on you, come back to the inside work.”

  1. How do you know if your house needs painting? Check for worn, chipped, flaking paint especially around the trim.

  2. How often should you repaint? Because the North Shore of Boston is subject to weather extremes, you should repaint every 5 years. If you are right on the shore, you may need to repaint even more frequently. (In areas of the country with milder weather, the norm is 10 years.)

I know it is tempting to use the local college kids to paint your house. But unfortunately, amateur painters usually skimp on the preparation (cleaning, scraping, and priming) which leads to a need for more frequent painting. In addition, they are unlikely to notice the first signs of structural problems, such as mold and rot, which must be addressed quickly. They paint over the problems instead. Finally, if they do notice underlying problems, they are not equipped to correct them.

The WORKS team includes experts in all aspects of exterior painting, mold and rot detection, and repair.

Is it time for your home to be repainted? Please contact us today.

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