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Exterior Painting: Now is the Time to Schedule WORKS

Updated: Aug 22

Exterior Painting for a Century Old Home

For example, last year, new homeowners hired us to repaint their three-story home that has stood in Manchester-by-the-Sea for more than 100 years. We began work at the end of July and finished in mid-August—“painting” covers a lot more than opening a can of paint and wielding a brush or roller. Here are some of the tasks we completed even before we began painting:

Set up plastic in accordance with regulatory guidelines for lead paint.

  1. Took off shutters and labeled them (for exact replacement after painting).

  2. Wet down trim and siding, to scrub off dirt and remove loose paint.

  3. Discovered rot, broken clapboards and damaged wood gutter.

  4. Primed with a special primer that prevents further peeling.

  5. Continued scraping, caulking and priming.

  6. Replaced rotting fascia and removed gutter that will be replaced with aluminum.

  7. Handled rot repairs.

  8. Continued scraping, caulking and priming.

Our 2016 Exterior Painting Schedule

When you hire the WORKS team to paint the exterior of your home, you are hiring an entire team who can handle any problems that arise, from damaged gutters and shutters to lead paint and rot repair.

If you want the confidence that your home is safe and secure under the paint and looks incredible when the painting is complete, please contact WORKS now to schedule exterior painting in the Spring and Summer of 2016. We are available for projects throughout the North Shore of Boston.

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