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Dry Basement, Happy Homeowner

Snow Melt. Thunderstorms. Hurricanes. When it comes to basement moisture, homeowners have a lot to think about.

If your basement suffers from exposure to moisture, there might be simple solutions like running a dehumidifier or directing gutters to keep water away from the home and lower the water table around the basement. However, things can get complicated with the discovery of cracks and leaks that need repair, windows that don’t fit properly, or an inefficient sump pump.

Diagnosing the source of water problems and finding solutions are vital for the health of your home. They are also essential first steps before a basement remodel or finish can begin. Once your basement is nice and dry, we can start our work of restoring or refinishing.

Basement finishing systems offer a comprehensive approach without the drawbacks of drywall which can be easily damaged, restricts access to the foundation, and is prone to mildew. When properly installed, they resist damaging moisture, provide thermal and sound insulation and look great year after year. Let your basement become a beautiful (and functional!) part of your home and give us a call today!

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