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Custom Kitchen Island: Manchester and Beverly, Massachusetts

The photos show the WORKS team in mid project, carefully measuring and building kitchen islands for the Manchester and Beverly homeowners. In other renovation projects, we’ve been asked to cut down an existing island to adjust the height for new homeowners, refinish cabinet doors and fill in gouges.

  1. The amount of available space. You need sufficient space for traffic to pass and for under-the-counter drawers and doors to open freely, without bumping drawers and doors on the opposite side. Both the size and location of the island are affected by the space available.

  2. Your primary need: storage, cooking surface, baking surface, meal preparation, cleanup. You want to choose the right counter top and combination of drawers and appliances so that the island efficiently fulfills your primary need.

  3. How you will use the island and be comfortable. Do you have small children or a very tall or short spouse? Will they be comfortable and safe working or sitting at the island? Do you foresee any problem with having a cooktop on the island or open shelving or a surface that’s difficult to repair?

  4. Your budget. The kitchen island is usually a focal point of the kitchen and you will want to make sure it not only fits but elevates the kitchen.

When you are ready for a custom designed or renovated kitchen island, please give WORKS a call at 978-291-7601.


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