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Construction of a New Addition to 1880 Home

The WORKS by JD team builds a new addition onto this Beverly Farms home.

If we all lived in Lego® houses, we could build a new addition by snapping on a few more bricks. But real- life additions are a bit more complicated!

When the homeowners of a two-story, 1880 Colonial home in Beverly Farms wanted to build an addition and new farmer’s porch, they naturally turned to WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis as their general contractor.

Every homeowner want their new addition to be fully integrated into the home’s systems and structure and to look like it always belonged there. In this case, construction of a new addition involved:

  1. Installing new floor joists to support the existing ceilings

  2. Installing new rim joints (the final joist in the row)

  3. Cutting through existing roof rafters

  4. Blocking in a new foundation wall under the porch

and only then moving on to actually framing the addition.

Like every new addition, the Beverly Farms addition required:

  1. Its own header, made of laminated veneer lumber (LVL), an engineered product that is exceptional strong and straight

  2. Floor, ceiling and wall construction

  3. Connections to the home’s heating and cooling system

  4. Vents into the basement and attic

  5. Electrical outlets

  6. Insulation

  7. Window and door framing and installation.

Sometimes we all just need to appreciate the view.

The exterior had to match the home’s exterior, requiring the right type of siding installed seamlessly. Most addition projects also demand some detailed inside work; in this case, a bathroom renovation.

Now here is why WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis is an especially good general contractor for construction projects: we handle everything, except for specialties like electrical and plumbing, where we call in our trusted subcontractors. That tight relationship assures the homeowner that communications are clear throughout the project:  the right crew always shows up at the right time to carry the project forward, and finger-pointing never even begins.

With WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis, you get a knowledgeable, skilled, experienced team that keeps your addition on track and on budget, while working to the highest quality standards. Contact us today.

In the end, we stand by our craftsmanship with a 5-year warranty.

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