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Beautiful Bathrooms in Small Spaces: a WORKS Specialty

WORKS used several space-gaining techniques in the master bathroom for a 1940’s cape in Lynnfield:

We took a little space from an adjacent bedroom closet to house the heating duct and outtake vents for the bathroom. We enclosed the duct work to blend in with the closet.

  1. We took a little space from the bathroom linen closet to expand the shower.

  2. We installed a high send pocket door which opened up the area formerly blocked by the door’s swing.

  3. We exchanged the wall hung medicine cabinet for a recessed medicine cabinet built into the wall. Recessing also works for creating a shelf in the shower as shown in the photo.

  4. We installed a new vanity and customized the drawer doors so that they wouldn’t hit the casing for the pocket door when they were pulled out.

  5. Other techniques for renovating a bathroom to make it appear larger include:

  6. Selecting the same color or tone for walls, ceiling, and floor.

  7. Selecting tiles for the shower or bath surround that carry out the color theme. Larger tiles with fewer grout lines also make the room appear larger.

  8. Taking tiles to the ceiling to eliminate transitions that make the ceiling seem lower. Raising a shower curtain close to the ceiling has the same effect.

  9. Using big mirrors and a glass surround for the shower to eliminate any claustrophobic feel.

  10. Choosing a vanity with legs that allows the floor underneath to be seen; this arrangement makes the vanity appear to float and take up less space.

  11. Storing items below eye level rather than on shelves above eye level. The fewer items that protrude into a small bathroom, the larger the room will seem.

Whenever we renovate a bathroom, WORKS coordinates with contractors (plumbers, electricians) who have a long-term relationship with our company. That way we know their quality and efficiency will meet the high WORKS standards—and we will all communicate fully to ensure that the homeowner’s wishes are met.

Are you ready to transform your small bathroom into a more liveable, spacious bathroom? Contact WORKS today.

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