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Bathroom Upgrades with Spring in Mind

The bathroom is a place in the home to unwind, relax, and pamper. It’s a space in the home you want to be comfortable, calming, and beautiful. During the spring, you can plan bathroom renovations that will bring color and light into your home. Whether you enjoy a spa bathroom with a master bath, or if you want a smaller, simpler, yet modern and beautiful bathroom, we can help you.

Renovate your bathroom with Spring in mind. Here’s how:

Bathroom Remodeling Near Marblehead, MA

Textures & Designs

If you’re redesigning for a spring look, consider tiles with designs, colors, and lots of pungent and bright tones. This will add depth and detail to your bathroom in a seemingly simple way. The detail in your design can really help you implement the spring theme you’re going for. Incorporate a flower garden or plant life theme, a sunshine theme with warm tones, or an ocean breeze theme with corals and pastels of blue and green.

New Bathroom Elements

When you’re going for a whole new feel, consider upgrading the tub or the shower, install a new sink, and upgrade your mirror & windows. With new elements in the bathroom, you can plan where you want the placing and positioning of these elements to be exactly how you want them. Choose your layout, and place things right where you need them. These refreshing upgrades will match well with your new Spring theme.

Spring Color for a Relaxing Bathroom Project

Built in shower shelves by WORKS

Colors that resemble relaxation are the best for bathroom projects. Spring colors consist of different shades of blue, green, lilac beige, soft yellow, and more. These are all great spring colors, and you can even take them to the next level. If you decide you want a pastel theme, consider different shades of one color use throughout your detail. Don’t choose more than 2 or 3 different colors in the bathroom as you want it to be calming and relaxing, not visually overwhelming.

Traditional, Refreshing Whites 

Clean cut bathroom

Keeping your spring bathroom theme light and simple can be a great option. If you’re not into bright colors, the classic white and different shades of beige is always a timeless way to go. This will give you a fresh spring feeling.

Cabinets & Storage

You can match the color & style of your cabinetry, built-in storage units, or drawers to match the theme of your spring bathroom. If you need assistance in choosing cabinets and other materials, WORKS is here to assist you.

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