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Bathroom Renovation: Money-Saving and Time-Saving Ideas from WORKS

If you are having trouble deciding whether you can afford a modern, comfortable bathroom for your North Shore home, I have some recommendations as an experienced general contractor who has worked with many different budgets and situations:

Look at the wide range of materials for flooring, countertops, wall coverings, fixtures, plumbing, bath and shower surrounds, cabinetry, and accessories. Whatever your price point, more attractive alternatives are available now than ever before. List your priorities: are you more interested in a skylight or radiant heat under the floor? If you install a soaking tub, can you live without an antique dresser for your vanity? Consult with a designer or give WORKS a call so we can discuss the space available. If your current bathroom is too small, it could be expanded into a closet or nearby room or made larger with a dormer; or the current space could be reconfigured to improve the layout and storage. Look for ways to increase the return on your investment. For example, a renovation is a great time to replace old bathroom windows with more energy-efficient windows, for long-term savings. Think about the future. If you are nearing retirement age, have an aging relative who may move in with you, or have a family member with physical limitations, now is the time to widen doors, install grab bars, lower sinks to wheelchair height, and so on. Consider your time as well as your budget. A bathroom renovation or new build requires coordination from plumbers, electricians, builders, flooring and counter installers, and painters, to name a few. Using WORKS by Jesse De Benedictis as your general contractor means a more efficient project and less aggravation. Our team can handle most tasks, and we hold the subcontractors we work with to our own high standard of reliability, efficiency, and customer care. When you are ready to renovate your old bathroom or add a new bathroom to your home on Boston’s North Shore, contact WORKS, and we’ll help you every step of the way to make your dream bathroom a reality.

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