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Bathroom Remodel in Danvers, Massachusetts

Our first objective in this bathroom remodel was to fix the shower, the major cause of the water damage. Therefore, we began the renovation by demolishing the concrete floor in the shower down to the subfloor. Then, as the extent of the problem became clear, we cut out the entire rotted subfloor and took down the shower, ceiling and floor tiles. We removed all the moldy dry wall.

We leveled the subfloor; installed exterior fans, to prevent the buildup of steam and future problems with water; repaired the shower valve wall; and insulated the shower. We also applied mold spray. But we weren’t merely replacing old work; we were upgrading. Therefore, we added blocking for shelves and a seat in the shower.

With meticulously set modern tiles, a handsome seat, modern fixtures and an exterior fan, the remodeled shower is luxurious and comfortable; but just as important, it is built to those exacting WORKS standards that help prevent water damage and mold issues.

Meanwhile, we set new tiles onto the bathroom floor, with a Corian threshold that complemented the Corian trim in the shower. We repaired the pocket door between the changing room and the bathroom. We painted the trim and doors with two coats, and added a coat of epoxy on the walls in the shower and changing room. We also custom built a more attractive and functional bench for the changing room.

From the outside door that we repaired and repainted to the towel bars we hung on the walls, the bathroom remodel hit every item on the homeowner’s wish list.

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