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A Team, a Plan, a Renovation Success

We’re perfectly happy to help you create a design or we can adapt a plan that you or a professional has drawn up. This gives us a starting point for estimating costs and enables us to meet your expectations in the most cost- and time-effective manner possible. Change orders are expensive and so are spur-of-the-moment decisions. Working with a plan helps keep any build, whether an addition or a renovation, on schedule and on budget.

Materials also factor into costs and scheduling. Spend some time checking out flooring, wall covering, counter top and fixture options before construction deadlines pop up. We don’t want to have any rush orders if we can avoid them! We want you to be happy with your choices, so start comparing materials now and find out what materials (tile, rug, granite, butcher block, maple, bamboo, etc.) would best fit your lifestyle and tastes.

Prioritizing your list of must-haves makes it easier for you to make realistic adjustments. Maybe kitchen appliances are costing more than you expected; maybe the lighting you imagined for the bathroom is insufficient or too overwhelming for the actual space. If you know what is essential to your plan and where you can easily substitute or cut back, you’ll have a much happier experience, with a finished renovation or addition that brings you continual joy.

By coming to us with a plan, considering materials ahead of time, and prioritizing your wish list, you become our partners in that effort—and the partnership with our customers is one we value above all others!

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