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A Guide to Creating the Perfect Guest House

If you’ve made the decision to either build teh perfect guest house or or renovate the one you have, you probably are reading up as much as you can about how to effectively build a sensible, warm, and welcoming space. The good news is that there are tons of different possibilities on exactly how you can do this.

This blog will be full of tips, tricks, and industry secrets on how to create the perfect environment within your guest home. Use these ideas as a guide, or possibly as a springboard to come up with ideas of your own.

A brown house with a white roof

Consider the Style of the House Itself

The actual structure of the house will go a long toward building the mood and aesthetic of the space. Naturally the home will be determined largely by your budget and your property. But within your preset guidelines, get creative on what you want the guest house to look like. Here’s a great blog from The Spruce full of ideas for guest houses and cottages.

People will make snap judgements on a home based upon its exterior, so take the time to identify the right structural design for the space, then stay in contact with your contractor throughout the process.

A silver and white high rise

Once the structure of the home has been built or renovated, then you’ll want to begin to choose a general theme for the interior of the space. When it comes to decorating the interior of the space, you can follow many of the same general decorating rules you used for your own home.

If your goal is to make the space a warm and welcoming one, then take a moment to read our blog on ways to make your home more welcoming. A guest home should ideally feel like an extension of your own home, so using similar interior decorating themes might be a good idea.

Cabinets are a great low cost home improvement

Personalize the Space

This is arguable the most fun part of the process. Once all the bones are in place, both structurally and from an interior design perspective, you can begin to get creative. Consider some of your favorite art styles to hang on the walls, go shopping for unique decor, and even create things yourself to fill the space with.

A current trend for homeowners is retro styles, as you can see in our blog here. Whether you’re more retro or modern, the perfect style for you is out there somewhere. You just need to find it.

A vinyl Record player

Once the project is said and done, and all remodeling, decorating, and personalizing is complete, try living out of the guest house for a few days. Not only is this a great way to enjoy the fruits of all your labor, it will also make you aware of things that might be lacking in the house as well.

During the time you spend in the guest house, try to live as “normally” as possible. If you can work through your routine without any significant issue, that’s a good sign that your guest home is ready for others.

Guest houses are a way of telling your friends and family that they always have a place to stay with you and your family. Make your guest house your own, and with a little help from your contractor, it will feel like the best decision you’ve ever made.

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