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6 Questions Before You Remodel

Once you begin opening up walls and ceilings, you have to be prepared to answer these 6 essential questions:

  1. Are you clear about what you want? Midway through a remodel is not the time to ask for a steeper slope on a ceiling. Change orders are expensive. Make sure you have clear vision but don’t let the current configuration of your house stop you from seeing what it could be. It’s easy to move a bookcase or a wall to give you the remodel or addition you truly want. WORKS will help you see the full potential for your remodel or addition.

  2. Are you prepared for the disruption? WORKS is happy to adapt to your work or school routine and we clean up at the end of every day, but a remodel or addition will still affect your lifestyle while it is going on.

  3. How will the remodel fit in with the rest of your home? You need to consider the tie in with utilities (water, HVAC, electrical) as well as the overall appearance of the house. WORKS is expert at creating remodels and additions that look as if they always belonged with the house.

  4. How will the traffic flow be affected? If you are remodeling a small space, a pocket door may be a better option than a swinging door, to allow people to enter and leave without taking up a lot of floor space for the swing. A door that is to narrow or a refrigerator that sticks out too far will be constant irritants.

  5. Have you checked out zoning restrictions? Additions in particular are subject to restrictions involving property lines, wetlands and height. WORKS will help you navigate zoning and permitting laws in your area.

  6. Is there enough structural support? When load bearing walls are moved, it may be necessary to install a steel or wood beam to take the weight of an upper story. Even if walls are not moved, additional support may be needed. When, for example, a claw-footed bathtub is added to a three-quarter bathroom or a commercial-quality stove to a kitchen, the floor may need bracing to take the extra weight.

The picture above shows a remodel in progress in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Do you have questions about your remodel or addition? Contact WORKS by Jesse DeBenedictis—we have answers!

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