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5 Home Improvements that Home Buyers Want Most

Selling your North Shore home is stressful, but even more stressful if no one expresses an interest in buying. If you want to attract the right home buyers to meet your ideal price, consider these five home improvements:

  1. Repair. After a few years in a house, the homeowner might forget the reason no one uses the back door: It’s too warped to open. Home buyers, however, will notice. That intermittent leak that only occurs when it rains is bound to occur on the one rainy day when your ideal buyer comes back for a second look. Because we develop a sort of blindness to problems like those, many homeowners pay for home inspections before they put their home on the market to catch problems that will detract from the sale of the home and might be more costly to repair under pressure.

  2. Paint. If the interior and exterior of your home were last painted 10 years ago, painting will freshen up all the rooms and increase the curb appeal. Moreover, if your own taste runs to bold colors (which is fine), you might want to go neutral so that potential buyers with different tastes aren’t turned off. Quality professional painters will also catch underlying problems that could affect the sales price of your home, such as mold or dry rot.

  3. Finish. Those DIY projects tend to hang around. If you have a partially finished basement, never re-installed the trim after re-carpeting the floor, or have only half the shutters painted, you need to complete those tasks. Cleanup is an essential part of any project and is often hit-or-miss in DIY projects—dust from that popcorn ceiling you removed, mismatched paint on the wall you patched, and streaks on the steps from the rusty railing you replaced.

  4. Renovate. A new kitchen and bathroom light up the eyes of every buyer. Renovations can be floor to ceiling or they can include refinishing or repainting the existing cabinets, replacing dated countertops, adding a backsplash, or other partial renovations.

  5. Add. You may have the outdoor space for a deck or patio; a small spare room that would make a great office or den with some built-in shelves; or enough area in a bedroom to create a master bath. Those additions are attractive to buyers.

Before engaging in home improvements to help sell your home, you might want to consult a real estate agent and a licensed home improvement contractor. Changes that would make long-term sense if you intended to remain in the home might not make sense if you are intending to leave. Trends change; and what might have been attractive to home buyers 5 years ago will not necessarily attract them now. In addition, sometimes a complete renovation or remodel is more than you need for the results you want. So look to the real estate and construction professionals you trust for advice. We hope one of them will be WORKS.

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