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4 Home Improvement Projects to Prepare you for Spring

Not every home improvement project needs to be a massive overhaul. In fact, some of the most impactful home improvements are the result of small scale projects. Many of these types of projects are DIY, while others still require a certain extent of assistance from professionals. Either way, the jobs are affordable, quick, and impactful.

While improving a house is possible at any time of year, homeowners tend to be particularly interested in their homes come springtime. If you find yourself seeking ways to improve your home without starting a large-scale home renovation, then consider these 4 home improvement projects to get done before spring.

A couch in a living room

This project is one of the more popular home improvement projects come spring time (and for good reason). The winter can be harsh on our houses. From freezing temperatures to snow and other wicked weather conditions, the siding of our houses are forced to bear the brunt of the chilly season year after year.

Make this year the one in which you refresh your home with new siding. There have been significant advancements made in siding options in recent years, so do yourself a favor and at least consider the options.

The exterior of a purple house

Another common home improvement project in spring time is roof repairs and replacements. Similarly to the siding of your home, your roof has been withstanding the difficulties of winter for years, and as a result, wear and tear has become apparent. We probably don’t need to explain to you why your roof is so important, but we’re going to anyway.

Ice, hail, and other weather-related damages stop your roof from functioning to its full capacity. A damaged roof leaves your home vulnerable to water damage, and in some cases, partial collapses. This is a job that you’ll want to bring in the professionals to handle.

House with red roof

New, Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Who doesn’t love new kitchen cabinets? If you’ve been considering upgrading or replacing your cabinets, you can still get the job done before spring. This is particularly useful if you plan on hosting any parties or get togethers.

When it comes to cabinets and other built-ins, the materials, products, and expertise used by the professionals doing the job can make all the difference. Custom cabinets and built ins really can, and should, last you a lifetime.

Wooden Cabinets in Kitchen

Don’t Forget About Those Gutters

If you’re like many homeowners, your gutters probably don’t spring to mind first when you’re thinking about home improvements. But your gutters are essential to the exterior and foundation of your home. In other words, if you neglect your gutters, you’re going to be dealing with a chain-reaction of issues.

Before the heavy rain of the spring begins, take the time to clean, repair, and if necessary, replace your gutters. Sometimes the best addition to your home is the addition that saves you from future headaches.

We didn’t have a particularly harsh winter in New England this year, so it almost feels like spring snuck up on us. Luckily, we still have time to get those home improvements done before those April showers begin.

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