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4 Benefits of Adding a Deck to your Home

There was an article that recently caught our eye at Works by JD. According to Eye On Housing, the amount of new homes that are being built with decks has been declining. Here are 4 benefits of adding a deck to your home.

It’s impossible to pinpoint the exact reasoning behind the decline, but it’s a surprising trend, especially when considering how much a deck can improve the quality of life for a homeowner.

Here are 4 significant benefits of adding a deck to your home, despite the apparent decrease in decks nationwide.

#4. The Aesthetic Appeal

Before we get into the tangible impacts a deck can make on the life of a homeowner, let’s highlight the aesthetic benefits a deck can offer.

When it comes time to actually design the deck, you can create a completely custom, unique look that matches the style and vibe of your home. The look of the deck alone can offer an increased connection to the outdoors, and a new element to both your home and your yard.

A deck will almost certainly increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Curved Deck

#3. The Perfect Place to Host

During warm weather months, a finished deck makes for the ideal spot to host a get-together.

People, for the most part, enjoy being outside. In fact, it’s even hardwired into our DNA. And while it isn’t quite mountain climbing or white water rafting, throwing your party outside on a deck can be a pleasant break from being trapped indoors.

From work to netflix to smartphones, it’s becoming more and more rare for people to take in the natural beauty of their surroundings. Adding a deck to your home will go a long way towards changing that.

Party on a deck

#2. They Really Aren’t That Expensive

Renovating your home can be a pretty expensive venture. From kitchen redesigns to bathroom remodels, the average home renovation costs anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000.

If you’re looking to approve your home without spending that type of money, adding a deck can be the ideal addition. The average deck costs anywhere from $7,000 to $25,000 to construct and install, while still offering a fresh and practical home addition.

#1. Improve The Value of Your Home

Whether or not you plan on selling your home anytime soon, increasing the value of your house is something you should always be mindful of.

The exact amount a deck will increase the value of your home will vary based on factors like where you live, the type of deck you’ve built, and so on. But generally speaking, a deck can increase the value of your home in the range of $10,000 to $25,000. This means you could recoup the amount the project costed you, then make a profit when you sell.

Wooden chairs on a deck

Perhaps the decrease in deck additions is a result of societies increasing interest in being indoors, which makes now the perfect time to connect with the outdoors again. Make your house the place to be by getting people off the couch, and into the great outdoors.

Check out our deck gallery for some ideas to enhance your home. Decks

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