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3 Spring Home Improvement Ideas This Season

Nice weather allows us to work on the home in ways we can’t during the offseason. We can finally get started on those exterior home repairs we’ve been putting off, and we can tend to all of those restorations that are weather dependent. With nice, springtime weather, sunshine, and warm temperatures, you can complete these 3 home improvement projects this season. Complete these projects, or allow these projects to inspire further home improvement ideas. Whichever you choose, WORKS will be there to help you.

Gray Home Exterior with Green Accents

New Driveways

When the weather is nice, homeowners are finally able to work on the driveway. It can be difficult to work outside and pave when there are really low temperatures with a chance of snowfall. The spring is a great time to tackle these outdoor projects. Whether you have a paved driveway, rock, shell, or stone driveway, we can imagine that after a New England winter, it could use some work.

Fixing the Driveway After Winter

Rocks, shells, and stones get disheveled easily with the normal foot and car traffic, let alone when the plow comes to take care of you during the winter months. After years of traffic, weeds growing, and wear and tear, it can be evident that it’s time to take care of the driveway.

Exterior Work By WORKS by JD in Beverly, MA

Cracks & Potholes Can Become An Issue

Cracks, holes, and issues with the driveway can start to become a real problem. Don’t let your driveway get to this point! Our team can come to your property and tell you exactly what you need to get your driveway working with you, not against you.

Roof Repairs

We all know some aspects of the home we’ve been putting off repairs and restorations for quite some time now. This is often the roof for many families, considering it’s one part of the home we don’t get to see and look at when coming and going from the house every day.

Fix Small Repairs Before Larger Issues Arise

When you’re in need of roof repairs, you’ll want to handle these repairs as they arise. You don’t want to deal with a huge leak or hole in the roof that has worsened over time. Working on the roof can be tough during seasons of rain and snow. This makes spring and summer the ideal months to get going on roof repairs.

Home Exterior Maintenance 

The Boston area is filled with modern and historic homes. Every New England home has an exterior that requires its own specific, tailor-made approach to exterior work. The spring is the ideal season to get the exterior of your home up to date.

Preserving History & Architecture With Home Exterior Work

We’re preserving your exterior for generations to come. We’re also preserving history while staying true to the architecture of your home. WORKS is proud to be able to keep some of the timeless and historic homes in good shape for homeowners to enjoy on the North Shore.

These few project ideas can be great food for thought when it comes to spring home improvement. What are you going to get started on this season? Reach out to WORKS for assistance at (978) 360-2710.

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